Exporting Drinks Illustration

We are Tempest Brewing Co, we make fresh, creative craft beer inspired by the globe-trotting adventures of our founders, Gavin and Annika. After discovering the world of beer in British Colombia, Gavin jetted off to New Zealand where he built his own brew kit and started making tasty, small batch beers. He then flew to Scotland to bring his no nonsense approach to brewing back to his homeland and the rest is history.

From our brewery in the Scottish Borders, our passionate team creates interesting beer packed full of flavour using the best quality ingredients in styles we enjoy drinking ourselves. Everything from an imperial stout infused with chillies and chocolate, to a pale ale showcasing the best of New Zealand hops, we make inspired, unique beers that make waves with beer drinkers around the world. It’s how we’ve carved our place in the brewing industry as an innovative team dedicated to quality and creativity.

Join our adventure as we discover brave new worlds and brave new beers.

Tempest are currently rebranding. Come back later to see a selection of their products,.