We hand pick the best brewers from around the country so that you get only the finest craft beers Scotland has to offer.


Alechemy Brewing is a small family run business that was established in 2012. Having worked in pharmaceuticals for a few years, their proprietor, James, became a home brewer and now has more than 20 years brewing experience. They aim to make tasty, natural beers that people actually want to drink. Look out for their range of occasional speciality beers - they've made around 170 different beers over the years.


Bon Accord Soft Drinks, an iconic Scottish brand of the 20th century, was first established in 1909. Bon Accord was a family business with strong Scottish roots. Our famous glass bottles, crates and lorries, were a familiar sight in homes and on the streets of Scotland for generations and an integral part of many people’s childhoods.  Relaunched after a 16 years break, we are still a family business, but times have changed and with a new generation at the helm, we have a new approach! The new range of Scottish, carbonated soft drinks and mixers are geared towards health-conscious adult consumers, using only natural ingredients; honey, coconut nectar and fruit juices.  Bon Accord Soft Drinks: Discover what generations of flavour experience taste like.


Cross Borders Brewery was founded by Gary Munckton and Jonathan (Jonny) Wilson in 2016. The brewery is young, and ambitious about crafting quality, distinctive, and delicious beers that explore new frontiers and cross new borders.

Dalkeith has a rich brewing heritage, and beer was brewed there until the 1960s. Gary and Jonny picked this beautiful town for their brewery, keen to take up the mantle and continue the long and proud history of brewing in Dalkeith.


FIRKIN Gin isn’t just another ‘craft gin’… it’s the classic London-style dry gin spirit you love, with an exciting Scottish twist!

Following a four times distillation with ten botanicals, we rest the gin in one of our juicy American Oak whisky casks. It is during this time that the colour of the gin changes to an alluring golden hue and the delicate notes of toffee, caramel, vanilla and sweet oak are infused into the spirit before being bottled at 46% abv.

Crafted in small batches, the uniqueness and quirkiness of FIRKIN Gin allows the gins to enjoy rapid growth within the UK, and it is featured in "15 Scottish gins we recommend you try right now" by Scotsman Food & Drink. The premium quality of the product and its RRP allow buyers to enjoy a good profit margin. The gin, packed with flavours, is an excellence sipping gin (or on the rocks), as well as in cocktails.


Speyside Craft Brewery started over five years ago at a birthday party. A keen home brewer since his early teens, brewery MD Seb Jones created a beer for his mum’s 50th birthday bash. Guests said it was so good that he should open his own brewery.

Seb’s vision from the start was to create a range of beers that would be a treat to most palates, whilst have some fun creating seasonal specials. He has recently collaborated with the oldest independent Speyside whisky distillers, Glenfiddich, to create an IPA-finished malt whisky, which is being launched globally 2016/17. The IPA beer to accompany this experimental whisky will be available late 2016.


In 2004 Steve Stewart and his wife Jo founded Stewart Brewing.  Established in a city steeped in brewing history, Stewart Brewing has been reviving and reinventing Edinburgh’s passion for great beer ever since. The husband and wife duo continue to produce and pioneer an extensive range of award-winning craft beers. From cask beers which uphold Edinburgh’s traditional brewing values, to a range of experimental hop-forward craft brews, Stewart’s have continued to innovate and spread the gospel of great beer. Their flagship Radical Road has just won the grand title of ‘Scotland’s Best Bottled Beer’.


Fyne Ales is a unique Scottish brewery based at the head of Loch Fyne.

Founded in 2001, Fyne Ales has developed a stellar reputation for producing award-winning beers in a wide variety of styles, from traditional real ales to modern craft beers.

All Fyne Ales beers are produced using the finest ingredients at their spectacular location as part of a working farm estate in scenic Argyll. Brewed with passion, pride and an independent spirit, Fyne Ales’ award-winning beers are enjoyed around the world.


Established as a collaboration between farmer, Ian Rennie, and artist-turned-cidermaker, Peter Stuart, in 2008, Thistly Cross has gained a reputation for making ciders that people rave about. Based in the sunniest part of Scotland, East Lothian,  they are Scotland’s first and original cider company.

From pressing the Scottish apples and strawberries, to achieving the smooth, balanced Thistly Cross flavour by fermenting with Champagne yeast then maturing for six months; the team are invested at every step of the process, from apple to cider.